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The ancient city of Zadar is situated close to four national parks and 50 attractive tourist resorts. The region of Zadar covers 1200 kilometers of picturesque coastline and archipelagos of more than 300 islands and islets rich in peaceful sandy beaches and numerous little coves and bays.

In its history Zadar passed through different stages of development. In the 9th c. B.C. Zadar was known as a settlement of Liburns (Illyrians). Then it became a Roman colony. Later, Zadar was for a certain time under Byzantine rule. After the 9th c., in the era known as the age of Croatian rulers, the Croats gradually settled the area.

A great number of archeological sites, historical and cultural monuments tell us about the rich history of the city (city walls, the Roman Forum, numerous early Christian churches, various buildings dating from Romanic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods, the famous collection of sacral silver and gold objects, etc.). The first university center on the eastern Adriatic coast was founded in Zadar. The first Croatian novel was written in Zadar(beginning of the 16th c.), the first Croatian newspapers were published in here, etc.